Other projects the NCVS is working on:

  • Completed studies that have started to uncover *why* their treatment works to reduce suicidal behavior.


  • Expanded their ability to offer no-cost therapy to service members with PTSD and suicidal ideation.


  • Completed a study in which they were able to identify several “signatures” of eventual death by suicide based on social media posts. Critically, the method suggests we can not only determine if someone is likely to die by suicide, but we can also approximate how far out the suicide death is (e.g., 6 months in the future, 1 month in the future, 1 week in the future, etc.).


  • Developing new ways to help figure out when someone is going to die by suicide. Most researchers have been focused on determining *who* will die by suicide, but haven’t really made much headway in determining *when* someone will die by suicide (e.g., Why does someone die on Monday instead of Sunday?). This is especially important because knowing when suicide is likely to occur would enable us to better match life-saving interventions to the service member’s needs.


  • Recently demonstrated that effectively treating a service member for PTSD reduces their risk for suicide.


  • Building a new nationwide training program for mental health professionals so they can learn how to deliver the therapies NCVS is developing.


  • Started to uncover how military sexual trauma can affect men differently than women.


  • Started a new study in January in which they will bring in National Guard and reserve married couples to determine how their communication patterns affects their mental health and well-being.

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The NCVS provides free psychological treatment for military personnel and veterans struggling with a range of issues. To learn more, please contact:


Phone: 801-587-7978 

Email: ncvs@utah.edu

National Center for Veterans Studies

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