The Ride to Zero mission is to END VETERAN SUICIDE

The fifth annual Ride to Zero will be on Saturday, August 24th, 2019. As many as 20 Veterans take their own lives each day, our goal is to make that number ZERO! As veterans, veteran spouses, and concerned citizens, those of us who volunteer for the ride refuse to standby while we have the ability to help put an end to this epidemic. Ride to Zero has a partnership with the University of Utah’s National Center for Veterans Studies (NCVS), the leader in research and preventative treatments for PTSD and suicidal ideation among veterans.

With an all-volunteer staff, Ride to Zero has raised over $100,000 dollars through donations made from generous business and our awesome community! 100% of the proceeds are donated to the National Center for Veteran Studies, to fund treatment and research. Due to the relaxed atmosphere, amenities, and over all great experience, Ride to Zero is often hailed as the “must attend” ride of the year. Ride to Zero has attracted more than 1,000 riders from multiple states, communities, and organizations over the last four years, with ridership and participation continuing to grow.  

About NCVS


The NCVS has the premiere program in the United States for at risk veterans with a proven
76% reduction in suicide attempts, and 70% of service members and veterans leaving the
program with zero PTSD symptoms! It's the first and only intervention program proven to
prevent suicidal behavior among military personnel and veterans. The NCVS is also a national
leader in the development and implementation of new methods for detecting and reaching out
to at-risk military personnel and veterans who would otherwise be missed by existing
prevention efforts.

So, where does your money go?

Donations from Ride to Zero (2015-2018) have been used to support the following:

Most significantly, RTZ funds have paid for a needs assessment survey to identify the most important risk factors for suicide and other mental health issues among National Guard and Reserve personnel and their families in both Utah and Idaho. No one has really ever assessed the needs of family members before to see how spouses might be influencing/impacting each other’s health and well-being.


Additionally RTZ has helped fund treatment for veterans through the R&R program. R&R is NCVS’s most innovate program, offering a two week PTSD treatment for veterans from across the US, at the National Ability Center, in Park City, Utah. The program is free of charge for military personnel with PTSD and their families, allowing all of them to stay in Park City, receive empirically based treatment, and enjoy the natural wonders Utah has to offer.


Some funds have gone to support a statewide peer support program for the Utah Army National Guard that was rolled out in January 2016. The peer support program is called Utah Comrades, and is one component of a larger program NCVS is creating called VETS-Utah. As a part of this rollout, NCVS conducted a statewide needs assessment survey of National Guard and Reserve personnel which helped to identify the greatest needs of reserve component personnel in Utah, and which factors are most strongly associated with suicide risk.

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The NCVS provides free psychological treatment for military personnel and veterans struggling with a range of issues. To learn more, please contact:


Phone: 801-587-7978 


National Center for Veterans Studies

Ride to Zero is a DBA of Mission to Zero, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization